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Voice (Analog)

146.850 – Tone 156.7 Hz Now on “AllSTAR” Node 29133 (Echolink access is available to LSRA members only) Autopatch - access to LSRA members only.

147.315 + Tone 156.7 Hz    Now on "IRLP" Node 2688 & Allstar 29154

Audio News Announcements from ARRL, ARNL, WIA and RSGB

442.575 + Tone 103.5 Hz Now on Allstar 27211

53.070 – VE3LSR Carrier Squelch (VE3LSR)

Note - all repeaters are now cross accessible.

Note - access to MUS network available to LSRA members only (on request).

Please communicate with LSRA Tech staff for codes.

Digital Voice System (DSTAR site)

145.190 - VE3LSR C - connected to reflector REF001C

444.350 + VE3LSR B - connected to reflector XRF005B

Now with Freestar Features. Connections to XRF Nodes now supported. Reflectors can now be dialled up through DTMF access - no more complex programming required.

Digital - Internet

All AX25 operations save APRS have now been decommissioned.


VE3LSR – 144.390 Mhz - Tied to the world APRS framework via Internet. Accessible via APRS clients for a local picture of interconnected systems.

High Speed Digital

After much investigation and assessing the readiness of digital ready systems, LSRA has chosen the Icom DSTAR DD suite of technologies for digital data delivery.

Data - including Internet access, will be offered on 1.2 Ghz - frequency willl be disseminated very soon.

Speeds - DSTAR DD 1.2Ghz will support 128Kbps - quite a radical change fromthe days of 1200 bps packet. At these speeds a GUI internet connection can be maintained.

Antenna - it has been ordered and upon arrival will be mounted at the tower.

Radios - the repeater radio is on site and soon to be activated. If you want to play in this new data realm, you will require an ICOM ID-1 radio, available at RadioWorld.

Configuration - Will be available shortly - you must be registered as a DSTAR user and assigned an IP address in the 10.x.x.x subnet.











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