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You’ve found the LSR Web page! We have only just started, but what do you think so far? Right now the web page is a continuing work in progress, so be sure a visit often.

The purpose of my note is to earn your membership support. I say “earn” because we realize that we must spell out what services we provide in order to earn your membership dollars. You will notice we have introduced PayPal to make it a much easier to join - but still you can join the old way too. Because we are not a business, PayPal insists it be called a 'DONATION'. For the balance of this year and all of next you can join LSRA for just $30.00.

By clicking on: http://ve3lsr.ca/Membership_Benefits.html you will have a glimpse of some of the membership benefits. We would like to expand on these benefits, and with your support and suggestions we can. Would you like, for example, to see an expansion of the D-star system to include 1.2GHz? Are you using D-Rats? How about voice linking, or HD ATV? We can do so much more but it requires your ideas, suggestions and your membership. One suggestion from Mike, VE3MKX was to add a section on “QRP” and that section has been added. One of the sections I like is “System Status”. Now, with just one click, you can find out if any part of our system is down. Check out the “Packet” section – you can now get on packet without a TNC! Keep your eye on the “Simcoe County EOC” section. I will be expanding on this in the days to come.

Enhanced Emergency Operations Centre

The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is the facility where the Emergency Community Control Group assembles to manage an emergency situation.

The EOC's primary concern is to maintain essential services while experiencing potential workforce shortages as a result of emergency conditions. Detailed operating procedures have been developed for the EOC including, but not limited to:

¥ Room set-up

¥ Operating procedures for normal business hours

¥ Control of access to the EOC and other security provisions

¥ Public health emergency screening and infection control

¥ Protocol for notifying assisting organizations and individuals

¥ Alternate back-up procedures

Simcoe County Ham Radio Emergency Communications

The HAM Radio Emergency Communications Project ensures that during a County of Simcoe emergency, HAM radio communication will be available if required.  Generally, HAM Radio emergency communication would be called upon when other primary and secondary telecommunications methods are inoperable (e.g. land-line telephony, cellular telephony, Internet).  In order for the HAM radio emergency communications to be effective, there must be appropriate equipment available, as well as, trained and licensed HAM Radio operators.

We are working on an aspect of our web page that will allow you to make additional donations to areas of interest. http://ve3lsr.ca/Donations_to_LSR.html

In closing, there are some amateurs who still think that hydro, telephone, internet, commercial tower space and insurance are all free. Well they are not free. Someone, somewhere along the line pays for it. At LSRA, our yearly operating cost for being at our present site is just over $2K a year. Please consider taking out a membership in LSRA, consider making an additional donation, send us your ideas and come join the fun.

Bob Simpson


President Lake Simcoe Repeater Association










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