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item1Automated Nets - New Stance

Based on feedback from the membership and the amateur community, we are re-instating automated connections to certain Nets - primarily those that were made available on 147.315+.


Members are most welcome to use LSR assets to connect to the Nets listed or to any other net of their choosing. We do understand that we cannot please everyone, but we feel that this policy supports the majority of member requirements.

This policy is subject to change. We welcome yur feedback in voice over the various repeaters or by e-mail to exec (at) ve3lsr.ca.

Details / Connection Info is contained in the How To section.

Connectivity on UHF 442.575 will remain unchanged.

DSTAR connectivity to DPLUS and DExtra reflectors will remain unchanged.

Available Nets

LSRA resources are available to connect automatically or manually to the following nets:

IRLP – 147.315 - now automated for the following:

Daily – 2am – Insomniac net

Fri – 8pm – Tech Net – from Australia – chaired by Reg VK6BQQ

Sun – 8:30 – Tech Net – sponsored by LIMARC – Long Island Mobile Amateur Rado Club

Tues – 8pm – Tech Net – East Coast NA

Wed – 11am – Cross Canada Net

DSTAR – 444.350

Fri – 8:30pm - XRF021B – Cross Canada Net

Allstar – 146.850

Thu / Sun – 8pm – Procomm Net - suspended until further notice. Will be available for emergencies

LSRA Weekly Net - 146.850 & 147.210

Wed - 7:30pm

Orillia ARC Weekly Net - 147.210 & 146.850

Tue - 7:30pm

If you have any question, please connect with Keith – va3yc@ve3lsr.ca










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